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Brownie Six-20 Model D Camera, by Kodak, English

Inventory Number: 86281
Object Type:
Place Created: England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number:
Brief Description: The camera has a rectangular body which is covered with artificial leather. The back of the camera is hinged and opens up in order to load film, and closes with a metal clasp. The front panel of the camera has a circuar lens and two smaller circular lenses which are used for viewfinding. The rectangular viewfinders are found on the upper surface and the side of the camera. There is a strap afixed to the upper surface of the camera. The side of the camera with the viewfinder also has the knobs and levers to adjust the settings and wind the film.
Primary Inscriptions: "Brownie/ 6-20 Camera/ Model D/ with flash contacts/ made in England by Kodak Limited" on front panel. "MADE BY / KODAK LTD / LONDON" embossed on strap
Collection Group:
Material(s): metal
Artificial leather
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
110 85 115 mm

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