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Print (Aquatint, Framed) of John Dalton, by James Stephenson, c.1840

preview image for Print (Aquatint, Framed) of John Dalton, by James Stephenson, c.1840
Inventory Number: 86046
Object Type:
Persons: James Stephenson (Engraver)
Date Created:
Subject Classification(s): Portraits Prints Collection  
Accession Number: 1949-15
Brief Description: Small engraving showing Dalton in old age in perfect profile, head and shoulders only. Framed and glazed.

The Manchester-born engraver James Stephenson was in London between 1829 and 1838, so the date is probably about 1840.
Primary Inscriptions: Manuscript caption on mount: 'John Dalton, F.R.S | of Manchester.'. Label on back by Gabb, including its provenance history [note the birth date of Stephenson is incorrect]. "Founder of the Atomic Theory. John Dalton 1766 - 1844 by J. Stephenson 1828-1886. From the Collection of Sir A. Wollaston Franks, 1826-1897. Who bequeathed to Sir Hercules Read 1857-1929 who presented it to George H. Gabb in 1916."
Provenance: Bequeathed by G. H. Gabb in 1948. Gabb Collection. Given to Gabb in 1916 by Sir Hercules Read, to whom it had been bequeathed in 1897 by Sir A. Wollaston Franks (both Keepers of the British Museum) (see label on back).
Collection Group: Gabb Collection
Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
87 70 mm

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