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Terrestrial Globe, by C. Smith & Son, London, Late 19th Century

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Inventory Number: 80288
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Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
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Brief Description: Terrestrial globe in library or floor stand, with lacquered brass mechanical apparatus mounted through the poles and base, all mounted on a fine three-legged, mahogany stand. Globe is intensely heavy probably indicting a wooden surface with metal supports and possibly paper mache within interior.

Globe is scratched, worn and extensively pitted in parts, with small sections of paper covering missing. With split in centre of globe which may have been repaired after manufacture using screws.
C. Smith & Son began producing these larger globes in 1845. While this globe is undated it can be dated to post-1870, as it shows the city of Phoenix, Arizona (founded 1870) and also shows Alaska rather than "Russian America" (1867).
The globe is undated, but its date can be approximated from internal evidence. The presence of "Alaska" rather "Russian America" places it after 1867. See Dekker & van der Krogt, Globes from the Western World, p. 116.
Primary Inscriptions: "SMITH'S / TERRESTRIAL GLOBE / shewing all the / MOST RECENT DISCOVERIES. / London / C. SMITH & SON / 63, CHARING CROSS, S.W." printed on external surface of globe. See Documents for full inscriptions.
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Material(s): Mahogany


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