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Astronomical Ring, by Canivet, Paris, 1762

Inventory Number: 68145
Object Type: astronomical ring
Persons: Canivet (Maker (Signed by))
Date Created: 1762
Place Created: Paris France Europe
Subject Classification(s): Lewis Evans Collection By Collection Sundials Mathematical Instruments By Trade Location  
Accession Number: 1924-0/part
Brief Description: The moveable meridian ring is equipped with both sights and a telescope; the latter would be used when the instrument was used as a mariner's astrolabe or for surveying
The suspension ring is attached to the instrument by a universal joint.

There are vernier scales of use with the latitude and date scales, and the scales of degrees for measuring angular elevations.
Primary Inscriptions: "Canivet a La Sphere a Paris. 1762."
Provenance: Presented by Lewis Evans.
Collection Group: Lewis Evans Collection
Material(s): Brass