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Mechanical Finger with Box, by Bailey, London, 1874

Inventory Number: 66985
Object Type:
Persons: John William Bailey
Date Created: 1874
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 1970-101/part
Brief Description: This apparatus fits on the nosepiece before the objective. The small forceps may be manipulated when holding a piece of card on which is stuck an eyelash to pick up diatoms. The apparatus is stored in a wooden box lined with blue velvet, behind a hinged compartment in the lid is stored four eyelash samples mounted on triangular pieces of card.
Primary Inscriptions: .1: "Bailey / Fenchurch St" on collar. "R.M.S. No 56" on cylindrical arm .2: Paper label on upper surface of box, handwritten in ink: "R. M. Society / Mechanical Finger / from / W. J. Suffolk / Nov 4th 1874" Paper label on inside surface of box, handwritten in ink: "R.M.S. / From W. J. Suffolk Esq / Nov 4th 1874"
Provenance: Deposited by the Royal Microscopical Society with their collection. Presented by W.T. Suffolk, 4 November 1874
Collection Group: Royal Microscopical Society Collection

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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/66985