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Hypodermic Syringe, by Parke Davis & Co. , USA, c. 1900

preview image for Hypodermic Syringe, by Parke Davis & Co. , USA, c. 1900
Inventory Number: 48162
Object Type: Object
Place Created: Detroit Michigan USA North America
Brief Description: Light brown drawstring bag with orange drawstrings containing a matte-silver-coloured rectangular box with rounded corners. The box contains: a metal and glass hypodermic syringe with two, detached, metal needles and four narrow yellow glass tubes stoppered with corks, each filled with small cakes of medication in solid form. The vials contain: morphine sulphate, atropine sulphate, apomorphine, and strychnine nitrate.
Provenance: Associated with Sir Henry Wentworth Acland
Collection Group:
Material(s): Metal
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
85 49 19 mm


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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/48162