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Microscope in Case with Accessories by H. Powell, London, 19th Century

preview image for Microscope in Case with Accessories by H. Powell, London, 19th Century
Inventory Number: 46332
Object Type: Object
Persons: Hugh Powell
Date Created: circa 1840
Place Created: London United Kingdom (England) Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Brief Description: Microscope by H. Powell. The instrument stands on a flat fixed tripod foot with a telescoping pillar and clamping screw. The limb is connected to the pillar by a compass joint. The body tube is screwed into an arm at the top of the pillar. There is a Plano-concave mirror connected to a sliding tube by a curved bracket. A stage and sub stage diaphragm disc are each attached by a pair of lugs. The instrument is housed in a mahogany case with four drawers of accessories, which include: a set of eyepieces, a set of objectives, a Lieberkühn, a simple lens, a vial holder, two live boxes, two glass discs, an ebony and cork disc, an aperture disc, three dark wells with a carrier, stage forceps, two cameras Lucida, a compass joint turn key, two threaded collars, a threaded cap, a stage, a sub stage diaphragm disc, a bulls eye lens, a box of ground glass plates, a set of glass sliders and thin sheet glass fragments.  Case contains 6 glass slides.
Primary Inscriptions: Hugh Powell London
Provenance: Presented to the RMS on the 15th of May 1918
Collection Group: Royal Microscopical Society Collection

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