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Compound Microscope in Case with Accessories, by W. & S. Jones, London, c. 1800

preview image for Compound Microscope in Case with Accessories, by W. & S. Jones, London, c. 1800
Inventory Number: 46229
Object Type: Object
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Compound microscope by W & S Jones. The pillar for the microscope stands on three folding tripod legs, the largest of which is signed by W. & S. Jones. At the top of the pillar there is a compass joint attaching the main body of the pillar to the legs. The pillar itself is comprised of a objective wheel at the top with a screw thread just above it for attaching the copper alloy body tube to the pillar. Beneath this is the stage with fixed 'U' shaped clips and holes for attaching stage accessories, the stage can be adjusted on the pillar by a rack and pinion, this rack and pinion is also used to adjust the sub stage condenser. The sub stage mirror is fixed at the base of the pillar. Accompanying the microscope is a written note inscribed 'Jones Most Improved'. This is stored in a wooden case with black felt lined wooden fittings. Also in the box are various microscope accessories comprising a spring stage, a small objective with a screw on lid, four silver coated Lieberk├╝hn one of which is fitted in a stalk, two accessory stands one accompanied by two glass discs, stage forceps, tweezers, fishplate with a green ribbon, sub stage cone diaphragm, magenta and gold metal box with a glass lid, glass disc in a copper alloy collar, an eyepiece and a copper alloy disc with a screw thread. There are also seven sliders, four ivory and three wooden.
Primary Inscriptions: "W & S Jones, 30 Holborn London" on the foot
Provenance: Purchased from Dr. Reginald S. Clay with his collection
Collection Group: Clay Collection
Material(s): Brass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
420 230 mm


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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/46229