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Photograph (Gelatine Print) of the Memorial Tablet for the Herschel Obelisk at the Cape of Good Hope, by A. S. Herschel, September 1904

Inventory Number: 45310
Object Type:
Persons: Alexander Stewart Herschel
Date Created: 1904
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Record photograph by A. S. Herschel of the inscribed brass memorial tablet composed by his brother Sir William J. Herschel for the 'Herschel Obelisk' at the Cape of Good Hope, in memory of their father Sir John Herschel. Presumably photographed before it was dispatched to South Africa to be fixed to the monument
Primary Inscriptions: Inscribed on back: 'Latin Inscription, Brass Memorial Tablet (10 in x 15 in.) for the 'Herschel Obelisk' at Feldhausen, C.G.H.- / W.J.H. Scripsit, Jan-July 1904. / (Sent out to the Cape, Sepr- '04.) / ASH. photog. Sepr, 1904.)'.
Provenance: Probably from the University Observatory, Oxford.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
85 65 mm

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