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Simple Microscope, by W. & S. Jones, c. 1800

Inventory Number: 42001
Object Type: Object
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 1930-18
Brief Description: Simple microscope by W & S Jones. Contains 5 Bone sliders. Accessories also include a square copper alloy pillar with clamp and fine screw focus in the Cuff manner, three objective lenses, all on a swing arm, to be used singly or together, a plano-concave mirror, a high powered objective, an ebony base, a key-shaped pin, a threaded objective with a screw cap, and a copper alloy and Steel accessory arm that could connect the high powered objective to the swing arm. All of these items are stored in a fish skin-covered hinged case with copper alloy swing clasps and lined with green velvet. There is a piece of card with gold paper on one side with "Sir Ben Brodie's Pocket Microscope" written on it.
Primary Inscriptions: "W & S * JONES * HOLBORN * LONDON *" on ebony foot
Provenance: Said to have belonged to Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie Snr (1783-1862), Segeant-Surgeon to Queen Victoria
Collection Group:
Material(s): Fish Skin
Copper Alloy
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
35 112 85 mm


Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/42001