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Netsuke of Human Figures - Woman Seated with Child, by Mi-wa, Japan, Late 18th/Early 19th Century

Inventory Number: 38555
Object Type:
Persons: Mi-wa
Date Created: Late 18th/Early 19th Century
Place Created: Japan Asia
Accession Number: 1936-28/2382
Brief Description: Shiny Wooden netsuke with cord hole through tub, unequal and on well protected.

Midwife and child with young girl standing by. The head is uncovered and has an elaborate coiffeur which may mean that she is the mother. She is sitting on a four cornered stool with unequal sides. It consists of a block of wood with two slightly scooped out places on either side so that one can get hold of it and move it about. The feet of the mother are in the water of the tub. The infant is held facing the mother who holds a cloth in the right hand with which she rubs the child. The tub has four legs one of which is missing.

This is an old carving and is in some respects somewhat crude.

Signed Miwa (Mi-wa).
Primary Inscriptions:
Provenance: Presented by A. E. Gunther. Hermann Gunther Collection of Medical Netsuke. Glendining's 31/3/36 Lot 280. Ex P. Adam Collection. Ex Collie Collection No. 14, Sale Cat. No. 751 28/11/24.
Collection Group: Hermann Gunther Collection of Medical Netsuke
Material(s): Wood