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Analemmatic Dial, by ?P. Z. W., German, 1763

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Inventory Number: 36901
Object Type:
Persons: 'P. Z. W.' (Maker)
Date Created: Dated 1763
Place Created: Germany Europe
Subject Classification(s): Lewis Evans Collection By Collection Sundials Mathematical Instruments By Trade Location  
Accession Number: 1924-0/part
Brief Description: Plate with three feet (two levelling); horizontal dial on a sliding plate moving against zodiac calendar scales with a sprung folding gnomon which serves both the horizontal and the azimuth dials. With silk-lined wooden case.
Primary Inscriptions: "P.Z.W.S.I.A. 1763." and "Horologium Analemma- / ticum Horizontale".
Provenance: Presented by Lewis Evans
Collection Group: Lewis Evans Collection
Material(s): Gilt copper and blued steel
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
218 204 mm


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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/36901