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Compound Monocular Microscope with Case

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Inventory Number: 35972
Object Type: microscope
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number:
Brief Description: The black enamelled stand has a Y-shaped foot with a short pillar supporting the curved limb via a compass joint. The body tube moves on rackwork for coarse focusing and a double mill-edged knob on the limb adjusts the fine focus. The eyepiece drops into a graduated draw tube that telescopes from the top of the body. A rotating objective changer, with three objectives, is attached to the lower end of the body. The square stage has two spring clips to hold specimens. A plano-concave mirror is set in a horseshoe mount on a swinging arm attached to the lower end of the limb. The instrument is stored in a wooden carrying case. There are also two extra eyepieces an extra objective and three cans for the objectives.
Primary Inscriptions: "GOMI GOTTINGEN NR. 23333 on the body"
Collection Group:
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
285 105 mm

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