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Parallelogram Protractor, by John Rowley, London, c. 1700

Inventory Number: 32319
Object Type:
Persons: John Rowley
Date Created: c. 1700
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 1925-43
Brief Description: English brass recipient angle or parallelogram semicircular protractor. Signed, "I. Rowley fecit"; undated; c.1700.

The semicircle is graduated from 0° to 180° in each direction, and this particular protractor is fitted with adjustable rulers. Instruments of this type were used in the plotting of fortifications.
Primary Inscriptions: Signed, "I. Rowley fecit"
Provenance: Lent by Christ Church, Oxford in 1925.
Collection Group: Orrery Collection


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