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Magnetometer, Mid-19th Century

Inventory Number: 30895
Object Type:
Accession Number: 1931-6/53
Brief Description: Round wooden body with three brass levelling screws, glazed cover interrupted by diametrical brass bar held on rim by two knurled clamping screws with slots for longitudinal adjustment. Rising from the centre of the bar is a brass cylinder for a tortion balance with suspension and silvered scale on top. Etched degree scale on the glass cover, 30 degrees either side of zero, which corresponds with one of two glazed apertures in the wooden body. Two shaped wooden covers sit above the glass. Two steel magnetic bars, one having adjustable lenses and brass weights at either end; two shaped brass bars.
Primary Inscriptions: "Royal Astronomical Society. Presented by Miss Sheepshanks. No.27."
Provenance: Presented by the Royal Astronomical Society. Presented to the Royal Astronomical Society by Miss Sheepshanks. Previously owned by her brother, Rev. Richard Sheepshanks.
Collection Group: Royal Astronomical Society Collection
Material(s): Wood
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
340 260 mm