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Dissecting Instruments (Florey), Mid 20th Century

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Inventory Number: 30573
Object Type:
Accession Number: 1969-124/11(B1-5)
Brief Description: Dissecting set comprising 19 parts. Five coils of fine wire; one with a red gutta percha tube attached, one with three plugs and one with two glass tubes attached at one end, fused together with wax. Coil of fabric-covered cable with two-pointed dissecting instrument at one end. Steel rod with thread at one end and a milled knob at the other. Dissecting hook on shaft with flattened handle at the centre. Six glass tubes. Five glass rods with hooked tips, one has two hooks at its tip. Contained in a green Ardath Tobacco tin with a hinged lid.
Provenance: Lent by Lady Florey in 1969.
Collection Group: Florey Collection
Material(s): Copper Alloy
Gutta Percha
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
155 110 15 mm

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