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Cardboard Box that Formerly Contained the Photographic Experiments of Sir John Herschel, 1930s or 1940s

Inventory Number: 30034
Object Type:
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Brief Description: Small corrugated-cardboard box, originally containing a Primus stove sent from Sweden, and used (probably in the 1940s, the label being in the hand of Sherwood Taylor, Curator of the Museum 1940-50) to hold the entire collection of Sir John Herschel's photographic experiments until the 1980s. It is not likely to have been the container the collection came in when donated to the Museum by the Herschel family in 1928.
Primary Inscriptions: Printed labelling of 'Original Primus', 'Original Wickless Oil Stove', 'Made in Sweden', etc.
Provenance: Probably internal.
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Material(s): Cardboard
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
90 200 200 mm

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