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Medical Pulse Glass

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Inventory Number: 29299
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Brief Description: Medical pulse glass mounted by wire on a card backing with previous museum interpretation. The item itself is a glass timer filled with a silver substance with a wooden case which has a removable lid.

The image on the interpretation is "John Coakley Lettsom, M. & LL.D. &c. / Born in 1744; died in 1815".

The interpretation reads: "PULSE-GLASS c. 1790. / With a 25 seconds duration. / Used by John Coakeley Lettsom. / DR JOHN COAKELEY LETTSOM (1744-1815) F.R.S.,F.S.A., was a physician to George III. / The pulse-glass was used as follows: the number of beats counted was first doubled, then divided by 10, then multiplied by 12. The product will be the number of beats in one minute. Example: 35 counted, doubled = 70, divided by 10 = 7, multiplied by 12 = 84 beats per minute. / [1929-] / Presented by Mr E. M. Nelson."
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Material(s): Card
Metallic Sand?
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
263 157 27 mm

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