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Print (Baxter Process Colour Print) of 'System according to the Holy Scriptures', Printed by George Baxter, Drawn by Isaac Frost, Engraved by W.P Clubb, London, 1846

Inventory Number: 24529
Object Type: print
Persons: George Baxter (Printer)
Isaac Frost (Artist)
Date Created: 1846
Place Created: Northampton Square London England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Prints Collection  
Accession Number: 2000-8/4
Brief Description: One of six Baxter prints, made using his special colour-printing technique. From Isaac Frost, Two systems of astronomy: first, the Newtonian system, second, the system in accordance with the holy Scriptures (London, 1846), plate 10.

Baxter's was the first commercially successful method of colour printing. The process, patented in 1835, was complicated, and involved a basic image made using combinations of established intaglio techniques (engraving, stipple engraving, aquatint, etc.) and multiple applications of colour from relief blocks (woodblocks), with hand finishing.
Primary Inscriptions: Plate 10. Drawn by Isaac Frost. Engraved by W.P. Clubb & Son, 7 Charterhouse Street.
Provenance: Presented by Frank Manasek in 2000.
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Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
254 313 mm


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