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X-Ray Crystallography Photographs and Diagrams of the Molecular Structure of Vitamin B12, by Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, c.1950

Inventory Number: 22558
Object Type:
Persons: Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin
Date Created: c.1950
Accession Number: 2000-4
Brief Description: Part of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin's research material concerned with mapping the molecular structure of vitamin B12 by means of X-ray crystallography, c.1950, consisting chiefly of a numbered sequence of 50 X-ray photographs in annotated polythene or cellophane-type bags, together with 8 empty bags annotated with diagrams, one additional photograph relating to penicillin, and 3 manuscript papers. Received in the original card slip-case (without lid) in which the sheets of Ilfex X-ray film (by Ilford Ltd.) were supplied, inscribed on one edge 'B 12 dry' (the box is made of acidic card as well as too tight to house the contents safely).
Primary Inscriptions: Printed label on box for 'Ilfex Double Coated X-Ray Film ...' by Ilford Ltd. The inscription at the bottom of the single penicillin photograph is “Na Penicillin V [?] Zero Layer (72 hr.)”. In the corner the sheet is identified as “1a”.
Provenance: Found in the Museum in 2000 without record of its provenance, having been received in the period 1995-99, probably either from Somerville College or from the Chemical Crystallography Laboratory.
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Material(s): Celluloid
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
191 150 49 mm