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"Grafix" Geometry Set, Chinese, c.1995

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Inventory Number: 15765
Object Type:
Place Created: China Asia
Accession Number: 2019-11
Brief Description: Plastic pouch containing a 6 inch/15 cm ruler, two set squares, a semicircular protractor and a stencil sheet of numbers and letters. Unlike other protractors from the same donation, this instrument is printed so that it is usable, with the centre on the edge and aligned with 0 degrees.
Primary Inscriptions: Printed card insert "grafix | GEOMETRY SET" on obverse; on reverse "DISTRIBUTED BY GRAFIX PO BOX 8 | SWINTON MANCHESTER M27 1BS". The protractor is printed "China", the 45 degree set square is printed "CHINA" and the ruler is embossed "CHINA".
Provenance: Presented by Peter Bailey.
Collection Group:
Material(s): plastic
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
218 138 mm


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