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Engraving of Mr Sadler The first English Aerostatist

Inventory Number: 15584
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Accession Number: 90-116/4
Brief Description: Small engraving - a portrait of Mr Sadler. The sitter is turned towards his left with his gaze fixed upwards and to his left. His arms are crossed. He is pictured in an oval shape. Around the oval is written 'Painted by James Roberts' and 'Engraved by Edmund Scott'. Below the image is written 'To The Right Hon. The CHANCELLOR, The Rev The VICE CHANCELLOR, The Rev.d The PROCTORS, The Rev.d The HEADS of COLLEGES and HALLS, With their respective Societies This Engraving of Mr Sadler The first English Aerostatist' and further writing which it has not been possible to read. The image is framed in a birds eye maple and gilt frame and glazed. On the reverse a cutting entitled 'From The Times of 1810' which goes on to give an extract of a letter which describes Mr Sadler's ascension by balloon from Bristol on Monday September 24, and the public response to it. Into the back of the frame is fixed two copper alloy eye hooks and a broken piece of copper alloy hanging wire.
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Material(s): Paper
Copper Alloy
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
316 272 41 mm

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