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Medical -Electrical Apparatus, France?, c.1900

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Inventory Number: 15281
Object Type:
Place Created: France Europe
Accession Number: 1981-4
Brief Description: Medical induction coil. Wooden box with hinged lid, hooked clasps (with small leather cushion behind them) and key hole. Metal handle on top and rectangular open cavity of right side. Circular hole in base. Inside - top covered with black plastic sheet which supports a series of metal dials and other components including 2 wooden spools with green textile coated wire, and levers. Wooden handle can be pulled out to show cylindrical object with a numbered scale 1 - 10.
Provenance: [?] Transferred from the Social Studies Faculty Items from the former Oxford High School for Boys, George Street, Oxford. [Presumably acquired through the Social Studies Faculty, which took the building over after the closure of the school.]
Collection Group:
Material(s): Metal
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
146 125 125 mm

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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/15281