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Stone Sundial, Designed by Peter Drinkwater, Probably Made by John Stevens, c.1986-88

Inventory Number: 14545
Object Type:
Persons: Peter Innocentius Drinkwater (Designer)
Date Created:
Accession Number: 2014-2/4
Brief Description: Polyhedral or multi-facetted stone sundial of the type where the edge of the stone casts a shadow on a series of parallel lines; two sets of hour lines occur on both sides of the stone. A deeply carved skull is on the front facet, and Latin mottoes front and back.
The original neat design for it (14547) is dated 1986, and calls it a 'Cut Cube Sundial', the stone block being semi-cubic with segments cut away to create the shadow casting and receiving facets. There is a series of photographs of the sundial when new in the small photograph album (14549), some showing Peter Drinkwater himself and the potted plant that formerly stood on the flat top of the sundial. A letter and business card of John Stevens, stone mason, of Naunton, Gloucestershire, in the same album imply that he made the sundial to Drinkwater's design about 1986-88.
Primary Inscriptions: Mottoes 'VMBRAE VOX' and 'ME[N]S V[M]BRAS JACIT SVAS'.
Provenance: Bequeathed by Peter Drinkwater in 2013. Received from the executors in 2014.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Stone
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
250 250 250 mm

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