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Printed Booklet 'Children of Other Countries', Containing Two-Colour Three-Dimensional or Stereoscopic 'Wonder Pictures' and Viewing Spectacles, Published by W. Walker & Sons (Associated) Ltd., London, ?c.1940

Inventory Number: 13493
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Accession Number: 2012-10
Brief Description: Oblong printed booklet entitled 'Children of Other Countries', paper covers + 16 pages, no author, illustrations (drawings) by Lottie Gorm, published by W. Walker & Sons (Associated) Ltd., London, undated, probably about 1940 (or perhaps earlier, but this company's publications in the bibliographies and library catalogues are all of the 1940s and 50s -- they seem to have specialised in works by exiled German children's writers and illustrators -- and Germany is omitted from the map as well as from the countries represented, while Russia, Poland, Yugoslavia, etc. are included).

The 'Wonder Pictures' are not the drawings of children in national costume but a group of 12 halftone reproductions of photographs in superimposed two-colour three-dimensional or stereoscopic effect (pp.6-11). A pocket inside the back cover contains the small hand-held 'Wonder Spectacles', of card and red and blue celluloid, which although fitting the pocket in size appear to have replaced the original viewer at a slightly later date, as they are marked 'Presented with the compliments of TV Times' (probably about 1960).
Primary Inscriptions: Full title: 'Children of Other Countries | In their National Costumes and Wonder Pictures of their Home Life'.
Provenance: Presented by Mrs Urszula M. Robinson in 2012.
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Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
140 219 mm

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