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Marine Chronometer, by Glashutter Uhrenbetriebe, Glashutte, East Germany, Probably 1950s

Inventory Number: 13404
Object Type:
Accession Number: 2008-8/1
Brief Description: Modern marine chronometer mounted in gimbals in a glass-topped wooden box. It is in working order, and has a certificate of servicing by J. Tubbecke, Peebles, in 2006.
The maker Glashutter Uhrenbetriebe (GUB, trade name Glashutte) was an East German nationalised conglomerate formed in 1951 by amalgamation of the watchmaking firms in the town of Glashutte, one of the centres of German watchmaking, and privatised after the reunification of Germany in 1994.
Primary Inscriptions: On face: 'Glashutte'. On plaque on front of box-lid: 'GUB | 10875 | Glashutter Uhrenbetriebe | Glashutte | Sa.'.
Provenance: Bequeathed by Mr John Barton in 2008; received per Dr E. Wagner.
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