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Stereoscopic Photograph (Albumen Glass Transparency) of the Moon, by J. A. Whipple, Taken at Harvard College Observatory, 1860

Inventory Number: 13216
Object Type:
Persons: John Adams Whipple
Date Created: 1860
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Stereoscopic transparency consisting of two positive photographs of the Moon, printed by the albumen-on-glass process. With internal manuscript captions written in white, and the edges bound in patterned black paper. The slide is approximately 3¼ by 6½ inches, the moon's disc just under 2½ inches diameter. The full Moon shows excellent surface detail, and slight longitudinal difference. The transparency was found in the small stereoscope belonging to Sir Henry Acland (63293), and presumably came with it; it has been removed for its own safety and catalogued separately.
The Harvard Observatory was one of those which pioneered astronomical photography. John Adams Whipple took his first photographs there in 1849, using the daguerreotype process. Compare the stereoscopic photograph by the leading English lunar photographer at the same time, Warren De la Rue (13292).
Primary Inscriptions: Internal manuscript captions on front: 'Observatory of Harvard College.' and 'February 7 - April 6. | 1860'. Internal manuscript captions on back: 'Stereoscope of the Moon.' and 'Photographed with the 23 ft. Refractor | of the Observatory of Harvard College | by J. A. Whipple.'.
Provenance: Found in Sir Henry Acland's stereoscope, presented to the Museum by Henry Minn.
Collection Group: Minn Collection
Material(s): Glass
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
82 165 mm