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Scrapbook and Photograph Album on Aeronautics, Compiled by Roger Knight Hitchcock, 1906-08

Inventory Number: 13003
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Persons: Roger Knight Hitchcock
Date Created: 1906-08
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Brief Description: Album bound in black half-leather and dark grey-green cloth. No title; armorial bookplate of Roger Knight Hitchcock. Flyleaf + 32 green card leaves + flyleaf. Contains numerous newspaper and magazine cuttings, several printed and manuscript items, and 27 photographs, all relating to aeronautics (balloons, airships, and aeroplanes) and all dating from 1906-08 (with several later additions loose at the end). It thus covers the first flights (and the wreck) of the first British airship ('Dirigible 1', afterwards named 'Nulli Secundus'), early European aeroplane flights by Santos-Dumont and others, and Roe's abortive attempt to make the first British aeroplane flight [the album ceases just short of what is now acknowledged the first British flight, by Cody]. There are various records and photographs of balloon ascents in 1906-08, when the compiler of the album was a passenger.

For fuller descriptive and historical commentary, and list of contents, see narratives.
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Material(s): Paper
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372 290 48 mm