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Photograph (?Platinum Print) of the Board of Visitors of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, Probably 1894

Inventory Number: 12783
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Brief Description: Platinum print or matt gelatine print imitating the tones of a platinum print. Group portrait of the Board of Visitors of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, standing outside the Royal Observatory building. Black and white, pale in parts. Horizontal format. Severe crease lower left. With identifying annotations written on the image by R. T. Gunther.
The assembled twelve are (left to right): Clifton, Rücker, Turner, Stokes (with large dog), Barber (the clerk), Rayleigh, J. W. L. Glaisher, W. G. Adams, Rosse, Common, Huggins, Dyson (the chief assistant at the time). All wear top hats except Turner (a new-fangled trilby) and Huggins (an old-fashioned cardinal-style hat); most carry umbrellas and wear coats, indicating that it is a rainy day. Gunther's date of '1894?' is the earliest date it could be, as Dyson was appointed chief assistant in that year; the same personnel would suit a date later in the 1890s too.
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Provenance: Probably from the University Observatory, Oxford.
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Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
174 206 mm

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