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Print. (Chalk lithograph, Engraving) Gall, Franz Joseph, 1805

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Inventory Number: 12776
Object Type:
Persons: Franz Joseph Gall (Subject)
Date Created: 1805
Brief Description: Print. (chalk lithograph, engraving) Gall, Franz Joseph, 1805. Portrait of Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828). Annotation on verso: 'Merriman'. Plate 5, No. 15, from unidentified book.
Primary Inscriptions: With two supplementary engravings. Inscription around portrait "Iosepho Gall organorum in cerebro scrutatori/Dr. Franz Joseph Gall Aus Wien im forschen Kühn bescheiden im behaupten". Inscriptions around supplementary engravings: "Der Seele Werrstattzuerspähn fand er den Weg. Lehrte in Berlin 1805" and "Distribuit parties animae sedesque. Auditores Berolinen MDCCCV". With annotations on paper mount: 'Dupe' and 'See Medicine'.
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Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
227 180 mm

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