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Seventy-Four Photographs (Mostly Gelatine Prints), Chiefly Family Portraits and Snapshots, Belonging to Anthony (Peter) Riza and his Mother Ella Higgins, 1900s-30s

Inventory Number: 11871
Object Type:
Accession Number: 1990-27
Brief Description: There are 74 photographs in five groups as given by the donor on different occasions: 16 photographs that belonged to his mother, Ella Higgins, including of her friend Thérèse Béchade (by Simonet, Paris); 24 miscellaneous snapshots and portraits of family and friends, including of the donor (then known as Peter) as a baby [1917] and small child, of his mother's friend Lena Hoffeker, and a pale print of a traction engine apparently ?pumping flood water near a terrace of houses; 20 likewise, including of Peter in 1920 (by G. Norman Taylor, Oxford), and various members of the Higgins family; 12 likewise, including of Margaret Wood, Anver Husain (photographed for the Sunday Dispatch Bonny Baby Contest, 1935, with details and label on back), and Thérèse Béchade; and 2 photographs of ladies in an Oxford garden, 1922 (belonging to Miss Hilda Monk). Together with a newspaper cutting relating to one of the photographs, and a later letter to Ella (Ellie) from Thérèse, 1938. The photographs are mostly small (about postcard-size being the largest) and many of them severely cut down.
For 6 further photographs given by Mr Riza at the same period and individually catalogued see 11866 to 11870 and 13103; for a further group similar to the above bequeathed in 1997 see 67623 and 11872.
For fuller descriptive and historical commentary see narratives.
Primary Inscriptions:
Provenance: Presented by A. Riza at various times in 1990-91 (but grouped under the single accession number 1990-27). Some of them belonged to his mother, Ella Higgins, a native of Oxford.
Collection Group: Riza Photographs
Material(s): Paper