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Photograph (Albumen Print) of the Children's Ward of Liverpool Infirmary, by Robinson & Thompson, Liverpool, c.1890

Inventory Number: 11870
Object Type:
Place Created: Liverpool England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 1990-27
Brief Description: Albumen print mounted on card. View of the children's ward at Liverpool Infirmary, with posed and unposed figures including a doctor, several nurses, and several children, some in cot-beds. The print is very yellow, and blurred at either edge, but sharp in the middle (except for figures who have moved). It shows various interesting features of the arrangement of a late-Victorian hospital ward. Creases and tears in mount.
Primary Inscriptions: Printed on front of mount: 'Robinson & Thompson, Photos.' and addresses in Liverpool and Birkenhead.
Provenance: Presented by A. Riza in 1990. Given to Mr Riza by Miss Hilda Monk, of Oxford. Given to Miss Monk by her cousin Miss Emily Wakenell, who worked at the Hospital in the 1890s.
Collection Group: Riza Photographs
Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
149 203 mm