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Silk Handkerchief Bearing a Photograph (Carbon Print) of a Young Man in a Sailor Suit Above the Embroidered Initials E.W., Late 19th Century

Inventory Number: 11858
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Brief Description: Carbon print on a silk handkerchief. Portrait of a young man in a sailor suit, standing full length, facing front, evidently taken in a studio. Sepia colour. Oval image. The initials 'E.W.' are embroidered in red below the image.
A curiosity illustrating the adaptability of certain photographic processes, such as carbon printing, to a variety of surfaces, such as porcelain and in this case silk. Presumably it is a carbon print, though other processes for photographic printing on textiles were used at an earlier date. Compare 16069 (on porcelain) and 12670 (on textile, probably an earlier process).
Primary Inscriptions: Embroidered initials 'E.W.'.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Silk
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
535 480 mm

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