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Print (Engraving) of 'The Distinguished Men of Science of Great Britain Living in the Years 1807-8', by W. Walker and G. Zobel, 1862

Inventory Number: 11776
Object Type:
Persons: William Walker (Engraver)
James George Zobel (Engraver)
Date Created: 1862
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Large engraving, paper mounted on linen or canvas, stretchered but unframed. See 11777 (framed copy) and 11797 (smaller version identifying the subjects). Damaged in several places.
Primary Inscriptions: Printed beneath image: 'Designed by Gilbert & Drawn by F. Skill & W. Walker. Engraved by W. Walker & G. Zobel.'; names of subjects; 'THE DISTINGUISHED MEN OF SCIENCE OF GREAT BRITAIN LIVING IN THE YEARS 1807-8. | ASSEMBLED IN THE LIBRARY OF THE ROYAL INSTITUTION.'.
Collection Group:
Material(s): canvas
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
745 1272 18 mm

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