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Box of 143 Lantern Slides Illustrating Medieval Cosmology, 1940s

Inventory Number: 11656
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Brief Description: Semi-fitted wooden box of unusual design. Contains 143 3¼-inch square glass lantern slides, all copies of cosmological and related illustrations from medeival manuscripts and early printed books. Nearly all are titled in a neat hand, some with additional commentary and information including sources; several say (for source) 'Record lost in bombing'. The comment on one 14th-century symbolic illustration reads 'What the Devil does this mean? Dr Charles Singer says "I can't make head or tail of it." ' [looks like a wheel of fortune]. Several also have printed labels indicating R. P. Howgrave-Graham (a horological historian) as the photographer, but it is not clear if he was also the lecturer who captioned and used them.
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