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Box of 43 Lantern Slides for a Lecture on "Weighing the Earth" by Sir Charles Vernon Boys, c.1900-20

Inventory Number: 11597
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Brief Description: Wooden fitted box. Contains 43 three-and-a-quarter-inch square glass lantern slides recording Boys's research work in Oxford in 1893, though the lecture must have been given in the 1920s. The slides include diagrams, text (including handwritten), pages photographed from Boys's notebook, and 13 photographs of his apparatus and experimental arrangement (in the basement of the old Clarendon Laboratory). One of the diagramatic slides is signed G. K. Burgess, 1901. Three letters contained in the box (1935-36) have been removed to the Museum's manuscript collection.
Primary Inscriptions: Box lid inscribed 'Weighing the Earth / C. V. Boys; end of box labelled in MS 'Boys / Weighing the Earth.'
Provenance: Transferred from the University Observatory per Miss E. F. Bellamy in 1936. Boys left them with Lindemann after his lecture.
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