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Box Containing 37 Lantern Slides, Including Advertising Leaflet: Ashmolean Natural History Society Box M 1-100

Inventory Number: 11581
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Brief Description: Wooden fitted box. Contains 37 3¼-inch square glass lantern slides, consisting of 15 of meteorological subjects (the original intention of class M), 2 of the Radcliffe Observatory representing a new astronomy sequence (AS1 and AS2) and dated 1886 (the date of the original photographs not of the slides), one unnumbered showing an airship in the University Parks in 1913, and 19 later unnumbered photographs of an expedition to Lapland by Miss V. Wykes (1938). A note indicates later slides of the Cairngorms but they are not present. The meteorological slides include photographs by Newton & Co. and by F. A. Bellamy (1901), and a photograph of flooding on the Botley Road, Oxford (1903).
Primary Inscriptions: Top of box: 'Ashmolean Nat. Hist. Soc. M 1-100'
Provenance: Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxfordshire
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