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Beck Collection of Teeth and Bone Specimens in Case with Catalogue, 1868

Inventory Number: 11203
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Accession Number:
Brief Description: Chest with 10 drawers of specimens of animal teeth and bone.

With catalogue by Beck, with note on first page: "I have presented this collection of sections of Bones & Teeth to the Royal Microscopical Society with a view to their forming a Cabinet of reference for such of the members as are interested in animal structures and therefore I should like them kept as a distinct collection arranged as at present & I should also wish that individual specimens should not be lent having frequently in my own experience found the danger of the practice. / Joseph Beck / 31 Cornhill / London Mar. 4 1868."
Primary Inscriptions: On case: "PRESENTED / TO / THE ROYAL MICROSCOPICAL SOCIETY / BY / JOSEPH BECK / MARCH 1868" On catalogue: "Beck Collection / O.C. 3027-3450"
Collection Group: Royal Microscopical Society Collection

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