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Compound Microscope in Display Case by Hugh Powell

preview image for Compound Microscope in Display Case by Hugh Powell
Inventory Number: 10238
Object Type: Object
Persons: Hugh Powell
Date Created: circa 1840
Place Created: London United Kingdom (England) Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Brief Description: A telescoping pillar stands on a flat tripod foot. A compass joint holds the stage and cylindrical limb. A hexagonal bar can be racked upwards from within the limb. The mounting for the body tube or a simple lens is attached to the top of the bar. The stage is mechanical with coarse and fine adjustment to its position and two steadying struts attach to the limb. A condenser is set in a cylinder mounted on the underside of the stage. A plane mirror is mounted at the lower end of the limb. A Huygenian eyepiece, with two lenses, pushes into the top of the body. The conical nose has an internal thread to take objectives and an external thread that fits its mounting.
The microscope is stored in a mahogany display case with a glass panelled door and fitted drawers for holding accessories. The case also contains two stages, an objective and a copper alloy ring.
Primary Inscriptions: .1: 'Hugh Powell London / One turn of Micrometer 1/400 of an Inch' .3: '320, 130, 60, 30'
Provenance: Presented to the RMS by W. Watson and Sons, 20th of November 1901.
Collection Group: Royal Microscopical Society Collection
Material(s): Copper Alloy

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