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Inv. 44725 - Newspaper coverage of Einstein's lectures

An edition of The Oxford Times of May 2006 reprinted a short note from the newspaper of 15 May 1931 which reported on the first of Einstein's Oxford lectures:
"Professor Einstein's Visit to Oxford
Rhodes Memorial Lecture
Outline of the Theory of Relativity:
Large crowds of undergraduates and senior members of the University assembled for the first Rhodes Memorial Lecture of the term held in the hall of Rhodes House, Oxford, when Professor Albert Einstein gave the first of three lectures he is to deliver on "The theory of relativity".
Before Professor Einstein arrived the audience numbered over 400 including university professors, Heads of Houses and several noted scientific scholars, and when the lecture began a number of people were standing at the back of the hall."

The Times of London gave much fuller coverage, with a report on each lecture. Its edition of 18 May 1931 reported on the second lecture of 16 May and stated that "Once more he had an audience which, though not so large as for his first lecture, almost filled the hall ..... Professor Einstein spoke in German and without notes. Two blackboards, plentifully sprinkled beforehand in the international language of mathematical symbol, served him for reference."

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