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Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley in the main teaching laboratory of the Balliol-Trinity Laboratories. The photograph, taken during the brief period (in the summer of 1910) between his graduation and his departure for Manchester to work with Rutherford, has often been reproduced.

However, its significance has never been discussed. It is one of a number of portraits (drawn on for this volume) of those who were actively associated with the Balliol-Trinity Laboratories at the time. It shows Moseley, a Trinity College physics graduate, as part of a community that, though largely chemical in its interests, made little distinction between chemistry and physics. The photograph calls into question the impression given in many studies of Moseley (and in some of his own comments) that he considered the college teaching of his subject of poor quality and that he held himself somewhat aloof from it.

[Picture caption from Robert Fox & Graeme Gooday (eds), Physics in Oxford 1839-1939 (Oxford, 2005)]

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