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Dating the Spectrometer

Moseley presumably commissioned the spectrometer in late 1913 perhaps when he was still in Manchester but only received it in early 1914 some months after he had moved back to Oxford. This is clear from Moseley's correspondence with Charles Galton Darwin (CGD) in early 1914, as published in Heilbron's 1974 life and letters biography.

HM (Oxford) to CGD (Manchester), 17 January 1914 outlining his forward programme: “The third job is the K’s of low atomic weight, and L’s too if possible. This will be easy and I will start as soon as the vacuum spectrometer which Cook is making for me is ready. If one day you find yourself with nothing better to do, I wish you would have a look at it, and see if Cook is making a sensible job of it. The chief thing is of course the scales, but it is geometrically constructed (Design stolen by me from Pye’s) and such is not Cook’s strong point.” (pp. 222-3)

Again to CGD, 1 February 1914: “In a few days I will be able to tell you how Al [aluminium] behaves, as the spectrometer is on its way. Thank you for looking at it.” (p. 227)

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