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Inventory no. 21126 - Pre 1999 Label Text

English ARCHAEOLOGICAL CAMERA 1910 Mahogany, brass, etc., taking plates 8 x 11 cm. This camera was built specifically for T. E. Lawrence ('Lawrence of Arabia'). It has a rising and vertical swing lens-panel. Reflex view finder on base-board, and ball-bearing levelling device with metal plumbline (inscribed 'DALLMEYER'.] Triplet lens, the first two components screwing on inscribed 'No 2. SER. II DALLMEYER STIGMATIC F/6 PATENT F=5.3" =135mm. J.H. Dallmeyer. LONDON.' , and, round the barrel, 'F1= 11"=275mm. No 75237'. Rear component (screwed to the back of the shutter) inscribed 'F2= 8.5" =210 mm'. There are four mahogany book-form double dark-slides for plates, numbered 1-8, and two mahogany double dark-slides for cut-film, numbered 7-10. The lenses to the side are associated with the camera. They include a bronze telephoto attachment, a Dallmeyer rectilinear lens, and an aluminium eye-piece magnifier. [34] [69/183] Presented by Professor A. W. Lawrence

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