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Inventory no. 43841 - Former Display Label


Signed: "F. A. Nobert fec. Barth, Pommerania". In the supplier's box, signed: "POWELL & LEALAND, LONDON".

Ruled by diamond on glass by Friedrich Adolf Nobert (1806-81). This is an example of Nobert's final 20-band test-plate, first produced in 1873. The spacings in the bands run from 1/000 to 1/20, 000 Paris line, i.e. 2.26 {mu}m to 0.11{mu}m. The nine finest bands cannot be resolved by the optical microscope, and can only be seen by means of the electron microscope.

See G. L'E. Turner and S. Bradbury, "An electron microscopical examination of Nobert's finest test-plate of twenty bands", Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, 85 (1966), 435-47; G. L'E. Turner, "The Microscope as a technical frontier in science", chapter 9 in Essays on the History of the Microscope (Oxford, 1980).

Bequest to the Royal Microscopical Society
by A. A. Eliot-Merlin

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