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Inventory no. 45245 - Former Display Label

mid 19th century

Unsigned. Brass, etc., in wooden box. Height 81 mm.; base 72 x 27 mm., 5 mm. thick; box 145 x 94 x 42 mm.

This instrument is mounted on its brass base in such a way that it will tilt, which is a very unusual feature in the aquatic-botanical family of microscopes. It is accompanied by a set of unusually high quality original accessories, as follows: object forceps, condensing lens, mirror (all fitted), brass live box, ivory-handled tool, four lenses of 80, 150, 250, and 400 magnification (the first fitted) in a brass can, two lieberkuhns in a double-ended brass can, and a slide glass.

Several features of this well made little microscope suggest the work of Andrew Pritchard, especially when compared with his small dissecting/aquatic microscope on the shelf above.

Transferred from the Department of Geology and Mineralogy

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