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Inventory no. 38090 - Former Display Label


Signed: "Microscope Achromatique Universel de Charles Chevalier, Ingénieur Opticien Breveté, Palais Royal 163, a Paris".

Overall height 365 mm. This unusual instrument has a flat tripod foot supporting a turned pillar to which the square limb and horizontal body tube are compass-jointed. The limb is held parallel to the pillar by a removable dowel in a bracket at the base of the pillar.

Coarse focusing is by rackwork on the stage, and fine focus is by a screw adjustment to the stage. A mechanical stage is provided and there is a substage with screw movement in one plane only. The mirror is reversible, having plane and concave faces. The body tube contains a rack draw tube, and the nosepiece, which is detachable, employs a prism to send an image from the objective along the body tube.

The accessories, spare objectives, a lieberkuhn, bullseye condenser, stage forceps, etc., are packed in two velvet-lined mahogany trays which fit into the mahogany case. The objectives have bayonet fittings rather than the usual screw thread for attachment to the nosepiece.

[C. 261]
Clay Collection

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