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Inventory no. 37571 - Former Display Label


Signed: "NACHET ET FILS 17, rue St Séverin Paris".

Overall height c. 260 mm; base diameter 82mm; box 272 x 169 x 112mm.

This is a fixed pillar student microscope, described as "petit modèle droit". The base is circular, leaded, covered with cloth below, and lacquered in khaki above. The concave mirror is on an articulated arm fixed to the centre of the base. The stage is rectangular, with two clips. Below is a ring of three apertures, two in wells. Focusing is by sliding the body-tube; fine focus is by a screw in the pillar. There are three objectives in a dark green leather case, numbered 1, 3, 5. The two eyepieces are numbered 1, 3. There is a stage micrometer cased in brass and inscribed: micromètre. Millimètre en 100 Parties". The instrument and accessories pack into a mahogany box.

Nachet moved to this address by 1863, and the model was fitted with a different base by 1872.


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