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Inventory no. 39663 - Former Display Label

17th century

Punched on the base is a shield in which are the initials "HR" [or, perhaps, "HP"]; undated.
Movement of steel and brassl silver dial; gilt copper case.
Horizontal verge escapement, with pendulum; going and striking trains; repeating movement.
On the front is engraved, "NASCENTES * MORIMUR" above an appropriate illustration.
The repeating movement is operated by a lever projecting at the right-hand side of the clock. Below, on the same side, is a circular scale of degrees, over which moves an alidade (broken) with folding sights. WIthin the scale of degrees are engraved the words, "SEPTENTRIO * ORTVS * MERIDIES * OCCASVS".
On the left-hand side is engraved an illustration of two figures measuring the height of a tower. Below this is a quadrant and a shadow square with an alidade.
On the back is a dial showing the last hour struck. Below is engraved the coat-of-arms of a bishop.
This clock has been greatly restored.

[(B) 157]
Barnett Collection

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