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Inventory no. 23600 - Former Display Label


Signed along the edges of both sides: "Made by Sonîmorârjî in Saurâstra [Surât] in Gujerat in era [c.1814]". The script is nâgarî (Sanskrit). Brass; maximum radius 120mm. Designed for latitude 22°30'.

On one face are five concentric scales of numbers, one of degrees, the rest to do with shadow length, in the Islamic astrolabe tradition. Parallel to the edge are two slots, and on the other edge are two projecting sights. From the apex is pivotted an index, which is slotted, and engraved with the numbers 1, 2, 3 near the point, and 4, 5, midway.

On the other face are four circular scales: outer of 60 numbered divisions (ghâtis); two scales showing the Zodiac, staggered in relation to each other; inner of 24 divisions. Pivotted at the centre is a three-arm index, the arms at right angles to each other, with a fourth bar curled at the end to form a handle.

This is an unusual type of Indian quadrant; only one other is known. Whereas most are horary quadrants, this example could have been intended for use by a maker of local sundials.

Nouveau Drouot sale, Paris, 9-10 October 1980, lot 229

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