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Inventory no. 43763 - Former Display Label

19th century

Used by Daubeny to demonstrate Mayow's experiments on the role of 'airs' in combustion and respiration, as described in his Tractatus Quinque Medico-Physici (1674). The following experiments are depicted in the engraving on which this apparatus is based: Fig. 1, the water level in the inverted cupping glass rises when the combustible material is ignited, or the candle is burning. Figs. 2 and 6, demonstrate respiration. The air loses its 'nitro-aerial' and 'elastic' particles caused by the breathing mice. Fig. 4, generation of nitric oxide from iron and nitric acid; Mayow did not identify different gases. Fig. 5, the transference of a gas to a tube at the top for measurement of its compressibility. These experiments were probably made between 1670 and 1673, either at All Souls College, or after 1670 in London. He may have been assisted by Robert Hooke who worked with Robert Boyle.

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